Future Suppliers

HOWARD INDUSTRIES, INC. is a leading producer of distribution transformers, voltage regulators, submersible transformers, medium power transformers, and various other transformer products with transformer and component sales throughout the world.

We are a company built upon the principle of providing our customer with the product ordered, on the delivery date requested, with price and quality comparable to best in class in the industry. To achieve this goal we must have a supplier base which subscribes to these same principles and goals. It is our goal to develop long-term relationships with suppliers who can and do fill these criteria.

HOWARD INDUSTRIES, INC. purchases a vast array of materials including grain-oriented silicon steel, magnet wire, transformer oil, carbon steel, stainless steel, electrical components, copper strip, aluminum strip, insulation paper, electrical terminals, porcelain bushings, paints, tapes, adhesive decals, and numerous other items, such as transportation equipment, manufacturing equipment, and computers, which are necessary to the operation of a superior-quality, state-of-the-art, major manufacturing facility.

As conditions warrant, HOWARD INDUSTRIES, INC., will solicit quotations to supply various raw materials, production supplies, equipment, and other material. Successful quotations will be awarded on the basis of competitiveness, quality, capability of service, past history, and other factors which may be deemed pertinent. We invite you to make us aware of your capabilities so that we may add your company to the appropriate sourcing lists.

HOWARD INDUSTRIES, INC., is interested in increasing our participation with suppliers who qualify as WMDVBE suppliers. If your company is a qualified Woman-, Minority-, or Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise, please advise our WMDVBE Coordinator of this fact.

Authority to purchase at HOWARD INDUSTRIES, INC., resides with the Purchasing Department. While this authority may be delegated by the Purchasing Department in order to meet the needs of specific situations, Purchasing maintains both the authority and responsibility for all purchasing activities. Any purchase made by HOWARD INDUSTRIES, INC., will be accompanied by a Purchase Order Number. This number must be referenced on all packing lists, bills of lading, invoices, or other documents pertaining to the order. No invoice will be honored without a correct Purchase Order Number. Suppliers are required to furnish the Purchase Order Number and other information in a specified bar code format.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel you can be a contributing part of our supply base and assist us in serving our customer.