About Us

The Power Solutions Division of Howard Industries is a leading provider of transformers and other major electrical power equipment, serving the needs of electric utilities and industrial/commercial customers world-wide. Our engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Laurel, Mississippi; Ellisville, Mississippi; and Sandersville, Mississippi.

Our current product scope includes the following:

  • Single-phase overhead-type transformers
  • Three-phase overhead-type transformers
  • Single-phase pad-mounted transformers
  • Three-phase pad-mounted transformers
  • Single-phase overhead-type step-up/step-down transformers
  • Single-phase pad-mounted step-up/step-down transformers
  • Three-phase pad-mounted step-up/step-down transformers
  • Single-phase overhead-type autotransformers
  • Three-phase distribution substation transformers
  • Single-phase submersible transformers
  • Three-phase submersible and vault-type transformers
  • Duplex submersible transformers
  • Single-phase step-voltage regulators
  • Switch-Pad™ switching and fusing cabinet
  • Junction enclosures
  • Three-phase pad-mounted VFI transformers
  • Single-phase overhead-type, PG&E “streamline” transformers
  • Three-phase electric submersible pump transformers
  • Vault-type and submersible network transformers
  • Three-phase medium power substation transformers
  • Medium-voltage VPI dry-type transformers
  • Transformer OEM components
Product Family

Other business units in the Howard Industries family include Howard Technology Solutions, Howard Lighting, and Howard Transportation.